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If you are an American Express Business Traveler and need assistance, please call the number listed on your itinerary

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As more travel transactions move online, American Express is more committed than ever to developing and supporting cutting-edge online solutions that fit the busy lifestyles of your travelers, keeping them productive and satisfied – while still positively impacting your bottom line. With over 17 booking tool partnerships around the world, we can provide an ideal solution for your online needs in practically every market. 


Online Booking

Online Fulfillment

Online Assistance

  • We provide 24/7 navigational and technical online support by a skilled team in a shared service platform.
  •  American Express maintains a suite of American Express Online (AXO) - supported online booking tools, best suited for your market.
  • Our Web-based application, MOBILEXTENDTM, can make travel updates automatically for your travelers in real time.
  • American Express provides automated electronic ticketing for qualified online reservations and has an efulfillment rate in the US of over 90%.
  • We have one of the highest first-pass yield rates in the industry (85%), which helps keep costs associated with online booking down.
  • Business Travel Online Platform, a robust online solution from American Express offers a highly efficient and specialized business model to help provide superior online assistance to your travelers.
  • Online assistance is available nights, weekends and public holidays, via travel counselors in a shared configuration.

After looking at the cost savings that could be generated by consolidating our travel program into an online program, we decided to go with American Express.

- Vice President, General Counsel,
Dental Specialty Supplier

Check out success stories from our clients
  • In just one year, American Express Global Business Travel helped a local UK customer drive 91 percent online adoption and save over £3,900 in transaction fees per year. In addition, their average ticket price has dropped from £481.44 to £372.871, freeing up precious pounds that would offset the cost of innovation.

  • Read how American Express Global Business Travel used its sourcing insights, negotiation experience and longstanding supplier relationships to help a U.S.-based laboratory equipment company save an additional $850,000 a year.