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If you are an American Express Business Traveler and need assistance, please call the number listed on your itinerary

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American Express offers premium customer service and 24/7 support for travel in more than 140 countries. With consistent back-end processing, global best practices, and quality assurances around the world and around the clock, we are available whenever and wherever you need us. You also have the flexibility to choose from a variety of service options – online, offline and on-the-go, including a single consolidated offer – to find the ideal fit for your company.


Our Front Line,
Around the World

World-Class Service,
Around the Clock


  • Simplify your online travel bookings with our premium online booking tools and get 24/7 global support.
  • Offline business travel solutions provide service with a human touch customized to your company culture.
  • On-the-go travel solutions will help your travelers to ensure that they successfully complete their assignments.
  • Offers unique solutions to help you manage travel expenses while providing the highest levels of reliable service that you and your travelers deserve.
  • Our unparalleled pool of travel counselors will efficiently support your travelers before, during and after a trip.
  • We transform your travel data into actionable information helping you deliver savings, control spending and better manage supplier contract negotiations.
  • Our Management Information (MI) solutions offer in-depth analysis of program information to develop a strategy for meeting client reporting needs.

The best thing is that we now not only know who our travellers are, we actually know where they are.

- Sarah Palmer,
European Travel Manager, NMHG

Check out success stories from our clients
  • In just one year, American Express Global Business Travel helped a local UK customer drive 91 percent online adoption and save over £3,900 in transaction fees per year. In addition, their average ticket price has dropped from £481.44 to £372.871, freeing up precious pounds that would offset the cost of innovation.

  • Read how American Express Global Business Travel used its sourcing insights, negotiation experience and longstanding supplier relationships to help a U.S.-based laboratory equipment company save an additional $850,000 a year.