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Travel Savings

In addition to our world-class service, we also provide extraordinary savings for business travel through negotiated rates and cutting edge solutions. Our Webfare Guarantee ensures that travelers always get the lowest logical fare for each trip, which equates to time savings for them and bottom-line savings for your business.

 How much lower are travel costs with American Express?

GBT Travel Savings Chart

How do we deliver substantial travel savings?

American Express delivers significant travel savings to clients in two unique ways:

Negotiated rates- We leverage $25.7 billion in annual client spend to negotiate deep discounts on air, car and hotel bookings, which are proven to provide better rates than available at online travel agencies.

Savings solutions- Our cutting-edge travel savings solutions drive further savings through unused ticket management, pre-trip auditing and program compliance.

After looking at the cost savings that could be generated by consolidating our travel program into an online program, we decided to go with American Express.

- Vice President, General Counsel,
Dental Specialty Supplier

Check out success stories from our clients
  • In just one year, American Express Global Business Travel helped a local UK customer drive 91 percent online adoption and save over £3,900 in transaction fees per year. In addition, their average ticket price has dropped from £481.44 to £372.871, freeing up precious pounds that would offset the cost of innovation.

  • Read how American Express Global Business Travel used its sourcing insights, negotiation experience and longstanding supplier relationships to help a U.S.-based laboratory equipment company save an additional $850,000 a year.