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TRAVEL ALERT is an electronic broadcast service from American Express Global Business Travel that delivers security and travel alerts directly to your travel manager, decision makers and/or travel arrangers via e-mail. With TRAVEL ALERT services, American Express Global Business Travel supplements your traditional client communications with timely information about conditions and events that could potentially impact travel.

What makes TRAVEL ALERT special?

  • It can be customized to meet your information requirements, allowing your personnel to filter the delivery of news and alerts by destination, urgency level and/or category.
  • You can even choose to receive the travel alerts collectively (twice daily) or as they occur.
  • Helps people take a proactive approach to traveller communications and make informed risk-mitigating decisions in a timely manner—when it matters most.

What updates does it cover?

TRAVEL ALERT services is monitored and updated by a worldwide team of security analysts and editors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and tracks the following categories that could potentially impact travelers:

  • Health – Outbreaks of disease or environmental hazards that could affect travelers
  • Transportation – Events that effect the free and timely circulation of travel by air, land or water
  • Weather and nature – Naturally occurring events that may pose danger or delay travel
  • Security – Non-natural events that may pose danger to travelers
  • General – Other events or information useful to travelers including elections, festivals, changes in visa and passport restrictions and border closings that may inhibit travel

The best thing is that we now not only know who our travellers are, we actually know where they are.

- Sarah Palmer,
European Travel Manager, NMHG

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