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Tools that help make travel easy and cost effective


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AXIOM is a revolutionary online solution that delivers not only an air, hotel and car rental booking tool, but the ability to find, book and manage additional business services such as airport parking, dining reservations, event tickets, package shipping, car service and audio & web conferencing.

What benefits does AXIOM offer?

AXIOM is simple to use, easy to adopt and will benefit all levels of your organization.

Companies under $3MM or £1.5 MM in air volume

Companies over $3MM or £1.5 MM in air volume

To the Company

  • Set policy across all service categories to control spend at the point of sale
  • Leverage visual guilt to drive employees towards lower cost option
  • Policy controls and visual guilt can drive savings of over 50% on new service categories

To the Employee

  • One-stop shop for all business services – no need to remember multiple websites, multiple usernames, and multiple passwords
  • Online Personal Assistant will automatically:
    • Populate employees’ calendars with services booked through the AXIOM tool
    • Notify employees of flight cancellations and delays via phone, text message or email
  • Significant time savings means more focus and productivity on the things that matter the most.

To the Travel/ Procurement Manager

Applicable for companies over $3MM or £1.5 MM in air volume
  • Establish customized user groups and policies for all service categories
  • Quickly setup or change preferred suppliers to direct employee spend to maximize supplier deals
  • Apply policy or supplier changes in real time across all service categories – with only a few mouse clicks


Preview the AXIOM User Experience

AXIOM will help you more easily find, book and manage the services you use every day. Take a closer look by selecting any of the service demos below

After looking at the cost savings that could be generated by consolidating our travel program into an online program, we decided to go with American Express.

- Vice President, General Counsel,
Dental Specialty Supplier

Check out success stories from our clients
  • In just one year, American Express Global Business Travel helped a local UK customer drive 91 percent online adoption and save over £3,900 in transaction fees per year. In addition, their average ticket price has dropped from £481.44 to £372.871, freeing up precious pounds that would offset the cost of innovation.

  • Read how American Express Global Business Travel used its sourcing insights, negotiation experience and longstanding supplier relationships to help a U.S.-based laboratory equipment company save an additional $850,000 a year.